The Orchestra

A number of our current players have been with the orchestra for many years, most also being friends of the orchestra.


We are always looking to increase this pool of talented players and welcome any new musicians to the orchestra.

One player that deserves special mention is our leader: Jill Davison. Jill was at that inaugural concert in a cold church in Halstead in 1989 and has continued in that role ever since!

Gordon Stowell – Chairman

Victoria Tierney – Treasurer

James Tibbetts – Secretary

Jill Davison – Leader

Katharine Ibbotson – Woodwind & Lower Strings Fixer

John Malam – Brass & Percussion Fixer

Additional Support 

Eleanor Pippard – Librarian

Laura Hood / Louise Jacobs– Social Media

Alison Spankie – Head Fixer & Upper Strings Fixer

Phyllis Champion – Friends Treasurer

Eleanor Pippard – Friends Secretary

Dr. Paul Bristol – President & Founder

Committee Members

Registered Charity Number 1045710                                                                                                                                                  Dr. Paul Bristol - President & Founder 

2018 Colne Phillharmonic Orchestra